Master the Gig Economy

Our world is being disrupted faster than any time in human history. With the blazing speed of technology innovations constantly changing how we work and earn a living, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to bring stability and wealth into your life.
Master the Gig Economy is an essential tool for navigating the new world of contract jobs, multiple professional roles, and asset acquisition. This book is a roadmap for the strategies, personal skills, and the psychology needed to achieve certainty and sustainability in a world of rapid change. The old models are gone forever and in order to see the massive opportunity, we must view the world through a different lens.
The content of Master the Gig Economy™ is a must-have guide for those entering or re-entering today’s working world or anyone looking to successfully create more time for themselves, more flexibility and personal fulfillment while building wealth and abundance.


The Power of Passive Income

passive-incomeThe Power of Passive Income
 is an overview of the concepts and vehicles for creating passive income and a quick start guide on mastering your mindset to achieve your goals and dreams! On demand from Kindle.



Review from Panos Chatzigeorgiadis, Greece: “We  humans have a certain time on earth so in order to create a life that responds to our expectations, we always need to manage our personal time the best way possible. What Jim DeCicco deals with in this great ebook is not only how to make money through “passive income” possibilities, he goes much deeper into helping us to “reposition” our own lives and rearrange them in the most creative and pleasant way. This little ebook is a guide to personal happiness and it made me think how much of my time i am still spending with no reason, its a “life changing” ebook, that helps you realize where you stand and most important, where you want to go, for me its a 6 star rating and really highly recommended, thumbs up!!”

Millionaire Mindset for Life Audio


The Millionaire Mindset for Life™ Audio Course is our foundational course designed to give you all the tools you need now for unlimited success. Give Yourself all of the abundance the world has to offer by unlocking the keys to your unlimited power now!



60 minute Mp3 Audio Course includes:
Multiplying your Income Potential – Supercharging your Lifestyle and Energy
Overcoming Barriers to Big Success  – Creating Opportunities
Charting Your Success – Interacting with the Public – Overcoming Fear


Strategic Coaching – Corporate Teams or C-Level Execs

coachChampion Level Coaching for teams, top execs or anyone committed to truly experience their potential and breakthrough to new levels whether your team is at wit’s end or you are experience high success and are looking to step it up even more

Outstanding Results for companies like:

Facebook, Zynga, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Apple, Genentech, Reed Smith (national law firm), Guardian Financial Fenwick and West (national law firm) and others


What are the outcomes for organizations?

– Significantly improved organizational effectiveness, i.e. greater efficiency

– Doing more with less

– Greater output with the same resource level

– Quicker completions with the same resource level Work “Agreements” on how to constructively resolve conflict, collaborate and cooperate

– New tools and techniques to maximize performance Improved levels of trust, respect and camaraderie

– Alignment on purpose, goals and objectives Establishment of “peer accountability”

– Clearer communication within teams

– Greater collaboration between teams in the organization

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